Second cup, and a note about my sweater vest




I don’t usually wear the sweater vest you see in this picture.  I probably pull it out now twice a year.  I used to wear it a lot, though, when I was in college and dated a girl who considered herself a “Talbott’s girl.”  That should have been my first sign the relationship wasn’t going to work and eventually cause me a lot of pain.  Despite the pain, though, she taught me much about dressing nice.  We went clothes shopping once and she picked this sweater vest out for me.  I would never have picked it for myself, but I tried it on anyway.  She was right–it looked good on me.


My wife does the same thing for me.  We’ll go shopping together, and she’ll pick out a shirt for me to try on that I would have never selected for myself.  But most of the time the shirts she picks are the ones we buy.  That’s why I’m also wearing a sage green shirt–that’s all Anne Marie.


I graduated from college about fifteen years ago.  That means the sweater vest is about sixteen years old.  I really should retire it.

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