A short story by my 20-month-old


“Dada,” dada dada mama.  “Dada mama mama dada, mama?”


Mama dada bubba.  Dada bubba bubba mama dada dada.  Mama bubba, bubba bubba, dada mama.


“Dada dada bubba?” dada dada.  Mama dada bubba, dada mama, mama mama dada bubba.


Coo-coo dada mama dada.  Dada coo-coo–dada dada bubba mama–mama dada dada coo-coo mama.


“Dada dada,” mama.  “Coo-coo dada?”  Mama.


“Coo-coo dada?  COO-COO DADA?”


Mama bubba coo-coo.



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