Parks and Recreation/Newhart cheat sheet


Ever get confused about whether you are watching Parks and Recreation or Newhart? This cheat sheet should help you out:


Quaint small town:

Parks and Recreation: Pawnee, IN

Newhart: An unnamed town in Vermont, but believed to be Norwich


Celebrated comedian lead:

Parks and Recreation: Amy Poehler

Newhart: Bob Newhart


Competent “straight man”:

Parks and Recreation: Ben Wyatt

Newhart: Dick Loudon


Competent “straight man” who disappears by the third season:

Parks and Recreation: Mark Bredanawicz

Newhart: Kirk Devane


Female who is difficult to work with:

Parks and Recreation: April Ludgate 

Newhart: Stephanie Vanderkellen


Female who is the closest character to passing as a normal human being:

Parks and Recreation: Ann Perkins

Newhart: Joanna Loudon


Incompetent male:

Parks and Recreation: Andy Dwyer

Newhart: George Utley


Enthusiastic, alliterative male:

Parks and Recreation: Chris Traeger

Newhart: Michael Harris


Stoic woodsman:

Parks and Recreation: Ron Swanson

Newhart: Larry


Relatively quiet tertiary characters:

Parks and Recreation: Jerry Gergich and Donna Meagle

Newhart: Darryl and Darryl



Parks and Recreation: Americana

Newhart: Americana 


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