My secret shame


I’ve kept a deep secret about myself for decades. Not too many people know this. AMKT didn’t know this until yesterday. Now, I share my secret shame to the world:

I can rock a hula hoop. I can’t do any tricks, but I can keep a hula hoop going for hours.

I demonstrated my mad hooping skills publicly last night at Chick-Fil-A. They had a family night promotion where they brought in a hula hooping group to run events with the kids. CKT wanted to participate in the hula hoop competition so that he could win first prize: a coupon for a milkshake.

He didn’t do well. All he got was a lousy coupon for a child-size ice dream. He was unhappy, and I didn’t blame him: He didn’t inherit The Gift.

Then the leader announced a parents-only hula hoop endurance competition. First prize: a coupon for a milkshake.

I had no choice. I had to come out to the world as a hula hoop master for the sake of my son.



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