Daily Accomplishments



Woke ready to run. Then AMKT told me it was raining. I did not wake ready to run in the rain.

Took EJT to school, then gave a midterm on campus. Later in the day I met with a student who told me students were on Yik Yak last night chatting about studying for the midterm. I didn’t know what Yik Yak was, and the student said it’s a place where students can post anonymous comments. My interest was piqued, and I thought about viewing the Yik Yak page to see what students were saying. Then I thought better about it. There’s a reason why I don’t log onto ratemyprofessors.com; it’s the same reason why I shouldn’t log onto Yik Yak. The less I investigate what students say about me online, the better I get at my job.

Had lunch with Joe Blosser. He asked if he was going to get mentioned on my blog today. I said I wasn’t sure.

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