Daily Accomplishments



It is almost midnight as I type this post. I have not been awake this late in a long time. The last time I remember being awake after midnight was when I was finishing my dissertation seven years ago. I am awake tonight because I was determined to make progress toward my grading today, and because I have been waiting for a couple projects to post on YouTube.

I woke late this morning, and gathered the family together for a trip to Tanglewood Park. We took CKT’s bike and EJT’s tricycle for them to ride on the trail while I ran about two miles. Then we ate lunch, and collected AMKT’s race bib for her half marathon tomorrow.

I borrowed a pressure washer from a colleague this afternoon, and I intend to pressure wash my porch Sunday or Monday, depending on how much work I can get done Sunday afternoon.

I went to campus to work a little, but I was locked out of my email and Blackboard accounts. The HelpDesk was closed, so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to access any of my online materials before midterm grades were due. I sent emails from my gmail account to a couple folks in IT in hopes that they 1) would check their email before Monday, and 2) would be able to unlock my account. While I waited, I posted a note on Facebook about the flap over the Houston subpoenas.

AMKT and CKT went to Winston-Salem tonight to have dinner with one of AMKT’s friends who came down from Kentucky to run the half marathon. EJT and I shared dinner, then went to Krispy Kreme for a treat.

During a break in my grading I checked Facebook. A reader asked me to give a citation for a claim I made in my post about the Houston subpoenas. I had written that the petitions included fraudulent signatures. I’m not sure why I believed that, but in the process of looking for a citation for that point I discovered I was mistaken. I posted an acknowledgment of my mistake, and reiterated my broader point.

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