Daily Accomplishments


IMG_5175I had a thought this morning during church. Many churches–whose names I won’t mention, but you know who they are–try to appeal to church-goers with worship services rely on performance, or popularity, or some other sense of showmanship. Many of those services come across as inauthentic at best, and juvenile at worst. The more we tolerate these services, the less we can complain when people call Christianity stupid.

I also thought about narrative voices during church. The third-person voice is declarative; the first-person voice is confessional. Both can be effective when used appropriately and intentionally. But the second-person voice is almost always poor. It comes across as accusatory.

I’m thinking about moving the television into the playroom. That will consolidate some of the clutter into an out-of-the-way room. I cleaned out the playroom closet today in preparation for the move.

Tonight CKT asked me what as phone book is.

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