Daily Accomplishments



I woke around 8:00, ate breakfast, and took CKT out of the house while AMKT and her mother made Christmas candy. AMKT and her mother makes Christmas candy every year to give out as gifts. Some of our friends talk about AMKT’s candy all year, it’s that good. They make homemade fudge, chocolate-covered peanut butter cracker sandwiches, and these Oreo-cream cheese ball things. By the time they are finished tomorrow evening making candy, they will have filled about twenty-five large freezer bags with congealed calories.

I took CKT to Books-a-Million. He read a LEGO book, while I flipped through a children’s book about Thomas Jefferson. Then I took him to Monkey Joe’s, where he managed to stub his toe twice. He cried a little and wanted to go home. He later told me today was the second-worst day of his life. (The worst day of his life: when a yellow jacket stung him at camp.)

CKT and I had lunch at a Mexican restaurant with EJT, Victor and my father-in-law. Then I took CKT back to his grandparents’ house, took a short nap, took Victor to football practice, and then took CKT to Starbucks. I had wanted to work a little at Starbucks–in fact, I got some grading accomplished–but we ended up talking a lot.

Tonight CKT and I watched The Lego Movie on HBO. Then we wrestled. EJT got a little jealous and wanted to wrestle too. By the time we were done, both kids were running around without pants on.

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