Daily Accomplishments


jyt running

I’ve been operating in “Safe Mode” for the past three weeks. That means I’ve only run essential functions, like how a computer on “Safe Mode” only runs enough programs to allow the user to do the bare minimum. I’ve had to cut some non-essential activities during this time, including updating my Daily Accomplishments.

That’s not to say I haven’t been busy. In fact, I ran on “Safe Mode” because I’ve been so busy with work obligations and opportunities. December is one of my two busy month during the year; April is the other. This month I graded nearly sixty productions, including five twenty-minute films. I also worked on some initiatives on campus that I am excited about, but that also demanded some time.

I haven’t worked on my book proposal since the beginning of December, nor have I progressed on a manuscript that needs a few more hours of editing–at least–before it is ready for submission. I miss those projects, but I plan to start working on those again tomorrow. I know, it’ll be Christmas Eve tomorrow, but I don’t mind working on my writing that day. I believe the last time I didn’t work on some academic project on Christmas Eve or Christmas day was 1998.

EJT is now in big-boy underwear. He’s had a couple accidents each day, but they are becoming fewer and fewer. At least, I think they are accidents. He could be doing peeing in his pants deliberately. If so, then he’s a jerk.

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