Daily Accomplishments



The entire family is together at home again. AMKT and I brought the boys home this afternoon, and they were excited to see the new playroom. So far, they have kept their toys contained. Mission: accomplished.

Before we came home we ate lunch with the in-laws at a diner in Mt. Holly, North Carolina. While we were eating I draped my left arm over a chair near CKT. He saw that as an opportunity to be cute, and tickled me in the armpit. CKT did not know how much I despise being tickled in the armpit, and my response surprised him. It surprised me, too. I said rather assertively, “Whoa. Don’t you ever do that to me or anyone else ever again. Do you understand?” He froze a little, said he was sorry, then buried his head in his arms on the table to softly cry. I let him cry for a minute or two while rubbing his back. Then I told him that I overreacted, and that I was sorry for overreacting, but I did not like being tickled in the armpit. He said he was sorry, too, and that he forgave me for overreacting. I’m glad he forgave me, but I know this was an incident he’ll remember for the rest of his life. It’ll be that moment when he realized he could raise the ire of his father by doing something innocuous.

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