Daily Accomplishments



I ran the Joe Davis Memorial Resolution Run 5k this morning in freezing temperatures. The race commemorates a young man who died from substance abuse and addition, and raises money for substance abuse treatment. After the race I told AMKT that if she were to lose me at a young age I would be honored if she sponsored a 5k race in my memory. The funds could benefit mental health treatment centers.

I ran a personal best: 9:12/mile. That’s a relatively slow time for runners, but a very good time for lazy people.

This afternoon I went consignment shopping with AMKT and my mother-in-law. I bought a 1985 book titled The Seduction of Christianity. The writers argue that the Christian faith is being transformed by unbiblical and anti-Christian New Age practices. I’m curious if there is any overlap between fundamentalist Christian fears of New Age beliefs and what I’m calling the “mediatization” of Christianity in one of my manuscripts-in-progress.

Last night I laid in bed thinking about my goals. I pretty much have three: to be an accomplished scholar (e.g., writing, research); to be an accomplished academic (e.g., teaching, university service); and to be a good father. I am confident that I could manage to do two of those well, but if I try to do all three well I’ll end up doing them all half-ass. I’m not sure I have the capacity to do all three goals equally well, even though each of them are equally important to me. My time, patience and strength are finite–my ambitions are infinite. Well, that’s not true. I only have three primary ambitions. But still.

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