Daily Accomplishments



The first week of the semester is over. I’ve given two assignments, the first of many. There are no classes tomorrow–it’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day–but I will meet with my graduate advisee for a couple hours to discuss his capstone project. I’ll also meet with the High Point Broadcasting Society.

I worked on my alumni talk this weekend. I’m trying to trim to a tight twenty-five minutes, or about twenty typed pages. (My presentation pages are double-spaced, 16-point American Typewriter font.) The more I work on it, the more I like it. I’m having trouble organizing it, though. I’m going to talk about three of my research projects–the Passion of the Christ marketing paper, the Jesus Calling digital app chapter, and the Hillsong United paper-in-progress–and I’m looking for a thread to make the three projects cohesive. I think I’m going to open with the current issues surrounding The Boy Who Went to Heaven.

Tonight I’m going to work on the talk a little more, and maybe read a chapter from The Hobbit.

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