Daily Accomplishments



This morning I worked on my manuscripts for about ninety minutes. Then I answered email, then shut the computer down for a couple hours and took my lunch and work-in-progress to the faculty club. I had to use the bathroom while I was there, so I walked in to what must be the best-lit bathroom in North Carolina. Seriously. There is some high-quality portrait lighting in that bathroom. I even took a bathroom mirror selfie, it was that good. I’m thinking about taking my family to that bathroom for a family portrait.

It was a rough afternoon for the Trammell men. AMKT had a late haircut appointment, so I had CKT and EJT to myself from 3:30 until 8:00. By the end of the night, CKT was mad at me for making unreasonable demands (i.e., clean the playroom). He said I was being unfair to him.

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