Daily Accomplishments


Photo on 4-5-15 at 6.28 PM

I am spending Easter with my in-laws in Kentucky. I don’t get to see this part of the family as much as I would like, and I enjoy my time with them. We’ve been here since Friday, and leave tomorrow.

It’s Easter, and it ought to be one of the most meaningful days of the year for me, but every year it becomes more and more disappointing. Not because of my company–I really do enjoy spending time with the in-laws. Rather, it’s a day that brings out the worst in churches rather than their very best. Last week I got a flier in the mail from a local church advertising their Easter services. The church was running a special apparently: anyone who attended either service could get a free family portrait taken, or a photo with the Easter bunny. Churches don’t need to offer incentives, and they certainly do not need to be offering pictures with the Easter bunny on one of the most important days of the Christian calendar.

CKT and I took a nice walk tonight. He told me about books he wants to write, including one about what people keep in their backpacks.

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