Daily Accomplishments



Anne Marie decided to spend the weekend in Black Mountain with many of her girlfriends from college–more than a few of whom are also my friends–leaving me home with the boys. So from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon my waking life was consumed with keeping the boys alive and somewhat civilized. I’m used to sharing these chores with Anne, which allows both of us to half-ass our parenting. But this weekend, I used my entire ass.

The Sunday school lesson today touched on the idea of witnessing, which got me thinking about what it means to “bear false witness.” Bearing false witness is not merely lying, although lying is a part of it. Rather, it is testifying to things we have not seen or experienced. If you state in a court of law that you witnessed an event that you did not really see, you are bearing false witness. The commandment does not say “Thou shalt not lie”; it says “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” I fear that a lot of what we testify about Jesus is based more on Christian media messaging rather than a genuine encounter with God. I fear that we inadvertently bear false witness all the time.

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