On Donald Trump


Donald Trump is a racist, sexist, unhinged, thin-skinned, pathological liar sociopath bully. He’s a damaged, hurting, loveless manchild who never learned how to become an adult. He is frightened of rejection, intolerant of facts, and incapable of nuance.

Donald Trump hates you, and he doesn’t even know you. He would bankrupt you if it meant he could earn a dollar from it. He demands your full love and admiration, and pouts when he doesn’t get it.

Donald Trump is the boy who punched you in kindergarten, then blamed you for getting in the way of his fist. He’s the middle schooler who laughed the hardest when you tripped down the stairs and broke your ankle. He’s the college student who insisted on getting A-grades for his C-grade papers.

He’s the co-worker who thinks #blacklivesmatter is a personal attack. He’s the neighbor who thinks Mexicans are taking his job. He’s the uncle who “doesn’t have a problem with gay people, as long as they don’t do gay things in public. KnowwhatI’msaying?”

Donald Trump is the guy who says your argument is flawed because you used “your” instead of “you’re,” and therefore you are clearly stupid. He’s the guy who responds to your posts by calling you a “liberal” or a “sheep,” believing that he has made a cogent argument.

He’s the guy you block on Facebook, then berates you in an email for blocking him.

Donald Trump thinks smart people are stupid, rich people are intelligent, and fat people are worthless.

Donald Trump does not apologize, empathize or sympathize. He does not know how to love others. He is scared of anything that hints that he is not as right, important, or special as he thinks he is.

And Donald Trump knows all this about himself, and wears these traits as badges of honor. He thinks they make him Presidential. He’s wrong.

Donald Trump is frightened little boy in a big, big world he’s too immature to understand. He deserves our pity, not our votes.

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