Daily Accomplishments



I try to spend a couple hours a day working on manuscripts. At least, I’ve been trying to spend a couple hours a day on manuscripts for the past few days. I hope I can make it a habit. Today I spent one hour and one minute on my manuscripts. I hope to spend more time on them tomorrow, but that may be difficult. I also wanted to finalize the “Enrollment and Credit Hour” information for ACEJMC today, as well as grade several video productions, but I was unable to do either.

Instead, I helped a few students with pre-production work for their multi-camera productions, the first of which are due tomorrow. I also met with two students to discuss their independent projects, and prepped for a guest lecture in my sports production class. I also attended a lecture tonight and did not make it home until around 8:00. I then balanced my checkbook while watching Futurama on Netflix.

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