Daily Accomplishments


IMG_5046I woke at 5:00 again, worked on a manuscript for about an hour, then went back to bed. I was so tired from yesterday that it was hard to stay awake. Then I woke back up, pulled a clean shirt and socks out of the dryer, took a shower, gathered EJT, and drove him to pre-school. Then I made it to campus about ten minutes before my morning class, just enough time to get the cameras set up for the first set of studio shows. After class I responded to emails for an hour and fifteen minutes while eating lunch before leaving at 12:45 to drop off my car for an oil change. My friend Kristen drove me back to campus, where I intended to grade projects for a half hour, but abandoned that plan to meet with a student who caught me on my way to the office. Then I went to a Faculty Senate meeting at 2:00; I don’t know what time it ended because I left at 3:15 in order to make it to my 3:25 class, where students produced the second set of studio shows for the day. After that class, I met with two students in my office for thirty minutes to discuss their independent project.

Here’s what I planned to do today that did not get done: work on my manuscripts for another hour; grade seven video projects; draft a cover letter to be sent to the ACEJMC committee on behalf of the School; review the latest draft of my masters student’s thesis proposal; fold clothes that have been sitting in the dryer for the past couple days; spend quality time with my boys; exercise.

Don’t tell me college professors just loaf around. Don’t even.

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