Daily Accomplishments



This morning I woke around 5:15 and composed a new paragraph for my Hillsong United project. I’m presenting the project at the MAPACA conference next month in Baltimore, and I’m pretty much composing the manuscript one paragraph at a time. The outline and anchor pages are composed, so I pretty much know what each of the paragraphs will cover to the analysis section. So even though I only wrote one paragraph this morning, it’s an accomplishment of sorts.

I also began thinking though the book prospectus in earnest. I reviewed the prospectus expectations from a couple publishers over the weekend, and I realized I had reviewed them incorrectly. Had I reviewed them properly, I could have had the prospectus written a month ago. That’s okay, though. I can still meet my self-imposed end-of-the-year deadline to get the prospectus out.

I accomplished a lot during office hours today, and had a decent class this afternoon. We talked through a few issues and concerns students have been having with their productions. Overall, it was very productive.

I came home around 5:30, ate dinner with AMKT, and then took CKT to church to practice the piano. While we were out, CKT said he wanted to pray for “those sick people in Africa.”

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