Daily Accomplishments


IMG_5072I set my alarm for 5:15 this morning so that I could write for an hour before running for thirty minutes. Instead, I woke at 5:15, went back to sleep, and woke back up at ten-till-seven.

I took EJT to school, then made it to campus in time for my 9:15 Video Production I class. The students are about halfway through their multicamera productions, and overall I’ve been very happy with their work. After class I graded a couple projects, then had lunch with about forty of my colleagues for a semi-annual luncheon with the university president and provost. After that I helped a student prep her upcoming production, held another class session of multicamera productions at 3:25, and met with three students about their independent projects before meeting my family at church.

After church, CKT was remarkably moody. He went to bed crying; I never figured out what was bothering him, aside from just general exhaustion. AMKT put him to bed, and I trust they had a good talk.

I’m trying something new tonight. After posting this entry, I am going to finish up a little bit of unfinished work, then work on the MAPACA project a little. Typically, I try not to work at night on university work and manuscripts, but traditionally the nighttime has been more productive for me than the morning. So I’ll work until 10:00, go to bed at 11:00, and wake tomorrow at 6:00 so that I can run two miles before AMKT and CKT leave the house at 7:30.

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