Daily Accomplishments


IMG_5073My plan worked well. I worked on my MAPACA manuscript last night for about forty-five minutes, read a little How to Build an Atomic Bomb, and went to bed. I woke this morning at 6:15, ate breakfast, and ran 2.15 miles. I’m going to try to do the same tonight and tomorrow morning.

I took EJT to school, then postponed my office hours so that I could have an early meeting with the athletic department. Then I posted grades, reviewed projects, and sent out some forms to our school’s accrediting body. I also asked for updates from one of my research assistants, and assigned work to another research assistant.

At the end of the day I met with my graduate advisee about his project proposal. We were interrupted by CKT and EJT, who decided to draw on my office white board while we met. After the meeting, the boys and I ate dinner on campus, called Grandma and Grandad, and went home. I put EJT to bed for the first time since he graduated to a “big boy bed.” He went down like a champ.

CKT has been upset because the other kids at school won’t toss him the basketball during recess. I talked with him about how he can still play basketball even if he doesn’t shoot the ball. After all, there are nine players on the court at one time, but only one ball. That means most of the players still play basketball even though they won’t shoot the ball. There’s a life lesson in there somewhere.

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