Daily Accomplishments


IMG_5145Yesterday’s sermon included this nugget: when it comes to giving, it is more important for us to give than for God to receive. Also, the more we love God, the less we love possessions.

After church a lady thanked me for playing the drums. I play the bass. I don’t know if I should be offended.

I went back to church Sunday afternoon for the Fall Festival, the most anxiety-inducing event of the year for me. In years past the festival was held in the fellowship hall, which was filled over capacity with loud unrestrained children dressed in unusual outfits. The mass of bodies made the temperature rise several degrees, and the odors were only slightly more pleasant than the cacophony of chaotic noise. Each year I’ve had to excuse myself into the parking lot to avoid having a panic attack. This year the festival was outside, which was better for me.

After the festival CKT and I stopped by my office for a second, then went out to eat to celebrate his return to health.

Today it was back to work. I accomplished a lot–more than I would have if I hadn’t been on Fall Break the week before. Sometimes we can be more productive after a couple days of rest. I should rest more frequently.

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