Daily Accomplishments



Each day for the past four days, something has happened that made me think, “I need to remember this. I’ll want to write about it later.” Then I made a decision each night to postpone writing. Tonight I decided to make time to write, and I cannot remember what those things were.

Here’s what I remember doing for the past few days. I voted. I ran a 5k, my twelfth in twelve months. I graded a lot of projects. I met with my graduate student a lot. I sat with CKT a lot, but not as much as I probably should have, or could have. I laid cable for the video feed for the funeral. I took up the cable for the video feed for the funeral. (There is something zen-like about laying and wrapping cable.)

I also started writing my presentation for a talk I’m giving in Baltimore in a couple weeks. I’m thinking about giving the presentation in verse.

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