Daily Accomplishments



The day started well. I watched the boys in the morning while AMKT did a church ladies thing. I took them to breakfast, then to campus where we played in the sculpture garden and checked out DVDs from the library. Then we watched Monsters University together, went to the public library to pick up a Shel Silverstein book on hold for CKT, and met AMKT for lunch.

Sometime before we met AMKT, though, I began getting frustrated with my children. I snapped at CKT in the car a couple times, which he didn’t deserve. (I later apologized to him.) At lunch, he told AMKT that he was sick of being around me, which hurt me a lot more than I expected. After lunch I went to campus by myself so that I could grade projects, but instead I just sat in the screening room where the boys and I watched Monsters University a couple hours before, and felt sorry for myself. After failing to focus on student projects I decided to just go back home and take a nap.

When I got home, CKT apologized to me for what he said. We had a fairly decent talk for a few minutes after that. He was upset that I spend a lot of time working on the weekend rather than playing with him; I explained that part of the reason why I snap at him sometimes is because I am busy trying to negotiate time to work with time with him.

I had planned to attend a screening of a short film tonight produced by one of the video production classes. Instead I stayed home with my boys and ate pizza. The day ended well.

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