Daily Accomplishments



I skipped church this morning to grade projects of graduating seniors. I wanted to work on the projects at a time when I knew CKT would be preoccupied with something so that he would not be upset with me for forgoing time with him for time with student projects. So while he was in Sunday School, I was at my school grading work. I got some good work done, but I felt a little empty not attending church.

When I got home I began what I am tentatively calling The Cleanse. I do not enjoy lawn maintenance, and the people we bought our house from eight years ago left us a beautifully landscaped yard that I have managed to neglect. Rather than learn how to take care of my bushes and shrubs (which I think are really the same thing), I’m trimming them back and pulling them up. Today I filled a giant trash bin with once-beautiful nature things.

CKT and I ate an Oreo sundae tonight after dinner.

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