Daily Accomplishments


IMG_1753My plan today was to pressure wash the porch. I bought gas and detergent, and poured both into the washer. The washer didn’t like them, and refused to pump water at a high-enough volume to be usable. So I am rethinking the Great Porch Paint project. If I cannot get the porch washed, I should not paint it. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on the project now. So, I’m going to save my money and buy a pressure washer in the spring, then wash and paint the porch in March. In the meantime, I’ll use the money I’ve saved up already to get gas logs installed in the fireplace. I’ll also paint the new staircase railing tomorrow.

I ate lunch at Alex’s House with Meg Lacy, our new minister. We discussed whether women can be Baptist ministers. I think she’s for it. I am, too.

CKT said he had a bad day at school. When he got home he got into a little spat with EJT. I think CKT has been jealous of how much time EJT spends with Addison. So after dinner, CKT and I played miniature golf together. I shot a three-over-par, and scored some nice quality time.

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