Daily Accomplishments



Tomorrow, I will be sick with a stomach bug. I know because my stomach is feeling woozy, my head is beginning to ache, and I am starting to feel miserable all over. Plus, CKT is currently sick with a stomach bug. If mine runs its course the way CKT’s has, I will wake at 2:00 in the morning to throw up.

But that’s for tomorrow. Today I woke up as a healthy person, fully engaged among the living. I ran two miles, painted the railing, graded projects, worked with my graduate advisee, and began to take the crib apart. I also took CKT to the doctor as a bonus.

A beloved church member passed away unexpectedly early this morning, around the time CKT woke up to throw up. The church called me this afternoon to ask if I would set up a video feed to handle the inevitable overflow seating for his funeral. I hope that I will be well enough to set it up for them.

AMKT went to the grocery store to get sick supplies–Sprite, crackers, etc. She asked me if I wanted anything. I asked for Chips Ahoy! cookies. She bought two packages. I ate about ten cookies tonight. If I’m going to throw all of my food in the next twelve hours, I’m going to eat me some cookies, dammit!

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